WILLETT Ink-Jet Coder Support

Welcome to the Willett section of our website. If you own an old Willett type ink jet coder and you have no idea where to obtain support for your coder, then you are definitely in the right place. Should you own a 400 series (430si, 460si or 470si) a 3900 series or even an ancient 3800 series type ink-jet coder; we can still support you. In fact we still support a large number of Willett ink-jets all in excess of 20 years of age. We set up our company in 1992 for the sole purpose of reconditioning and supply of Willett ink jet coding equipment, with support and service thereafter; quickly gaining a reputation for being the best in the marketplace.

Our origins began at the very start of the 1980′s with none other than Willett International in Corby. Our roots are based firmly in R&D Servicing and sales of these early machines. In the beginning the original CiJ concept began for us with the inheritance of the Signode machine (CiJ) badged up as a 1600. This machine was particularly unreliable and contained a peristaltic pump (typically used in hospitals) and an ink system the size of a small town, housed on the back of a stainless steel door. The Viscosity management system required the customer to stop the coder every 8 hours, in order to perform a viscosity check; should you neglect to do so the coder would automatically stop itself, resulting in production without coding.

Thankfully over the years things have progressed; thanks to new technology and lots of R&D. The 3840 and the 3850 became as reliable as anything out there in the marketplace. Unfortunately the 3900 was not well received by both distributor and customer alike. The thinking behind the 3900 outstripped the available technology for the period, coupled with a design put together by a team who knew very little about CiJ, this machine was a recipe for disaster. The 400 series put Willett well and truly back at the very forefront of the ink jet coding sector. Ultra reliable electronics designed by Bill Kilkerr, a modular ink system with big valves that worked efficiently and a self cleaning nozzle arrangement. The Willett 400 series sold by the thousands month after month.

We stock a comprehensive range of spares for the complete range from 3800 to 400 series. Our response time and rates for servicing and spares are second to none. We can service your Willett at your site or at our specialised in house facility. A typical service on a 400 series is less than £200. This includes all Filter replacement, a full diagnostic analysis of the ink system and viscosity system, and finally a full reset of the printhead geometry.