Used Packaging Machinery

Welcome to our used Packaging Machinery section. Our travels throughout the UK supporting our vast customer base, inevitably ends up down on the shop floor at the production end of the operation. More often than not in recent times; we seem to be getting involved with helping out customers, who have handling and other related problems they are unable to solve themselves. This usually ends up leading to a conversation involving the need to purchase a cost effective piece of packaging or handling equipment, or in some cases the need to free up space by clearing out any redundant packaging machinery.

We have therefore dedicated this section of our website, to help out those customers who may wish to sell redundant equipment or purchase machinery at a very competitive rate. We now have a link service in operation. This enables us to access a complete range of industrial equipment through our network of suppliers for equipment new, reconditioned and second hand; all at unbeatable cost savings.

You may have equipment which has become redundant, a simple telephone call to one of our advisor’s and we will quickly enter your details into the system, within an hour these details will be distributed across the UK to our network of outlets. In some cases we may have a match with one of our customers on our database, who is looking for the exact piece of equipment you are wishing to sell.

If you require a specific piece of industrial equipment please feel free to forward your details together with your specific requirements. We will enter your details into our database and will hopefully be able to find the exact piece of machinery you require; sometimes with both options of new or good condition second hand. The only thing you stand to lose is about ten minutes of your time.