Laser Coders

Our range of easy to install Codejet  laser coders are used across a wide spectrum of installations worldwide. The CO2 laser is equipped with Synad tubes giving optimum character definition, perfect contrast and definition for repeatable printing. Printing onto virtually any substrate materials which include glass, PET, paper, and metals. This technology involves the production of intense pulses of light, which are deflected by mirrors to form characters. Laser coding is achieved by removing material or coating from the product or packaging substrate, or by changing the molecular structure or surface area of the given substrate. The latter will cause a colour change in certain plastics producing an indelible permanent mark. Laser systems are extremely fast, versatile and offer the lowest running costs in todays coding and marking marketplace.


Available in a Vertical or horizontal format these versatile laser coders will increase uptime and decrease running costs. With no requirement for consumables top up, no time is wasted replacing hazardous and costly inks and solvents. Using the very latest technology and the Galvanometer mechanism consisting of two driven mirrors, which drive the laser beam over the surface of the product substrate. This ensures high speed stability during all coding and marking processes. our tubes guarantee 30,000 hours of trouble free coding.













Codejet laser-mark 10w

Codejet laser-mark 30w

Codejet laser-mark 55w

Codejet laser-mark Fibre Optic


Text and Logo’s can be stored and located via any standard PC or laptop using a windows based program. A very good alternative option is to use our special purpose industrial touch screen interface unit. This incorporates the same windows based programming tool, this enables design, storage and location for product coding all housed in one industrial housing. This unit can be fixed in various positions as close to or as far away from the laser unit as required.














Technical Specification

Synad Tubes…..Operating hours up to 30,000…..
Max Working Distance 100mm…..
Marking Method Galvanometer Mirror Scanning Method…..
Marking Area up to 75mm x 75mm…..
Basic Distance Of Characters 0.2mm to 50mm…..
Printing Speed 7 Prints Per Second Maximum…..
Marking Conditions On The Fly or Stationary…..Output Alarm, Laser Marking Status, Counter End…..Interface RS232 For External Devices Only…..USB 2.0 For Set-Up Software (Windows Based)…..Customer Operating Systems Windows XP/Vista Windows XP/Vista Match USB 2.0…..Screen Resolution Must Be 1024 x 768…..Operator Hand Held Tewrminal or PC Control…..
Installation Direction Omni-Directional…..
Cooling Method Forced Air Cooling…..
Head And Power Supply Voltage 50/60Hz 220-240v ac…..Functions Line, Dot Matrix, Circular Text, Lot, Expiry, Time, Date, Current Time/Date, Bold Marking, Logo’s, Test Marking, Error History Display…..
Ambient Temperature 10 to 40 Degrees (Non Condensing) -10 to 50 Degrees…..Weight Laser 22kg…..Power Supply 13kg…..Other Options Dust Fume Extractor, Warning Beacon, Lens Protector, Adjustable Stands, Guarding.