We offer a fully comprehensive range of consumables for ink-jet-coders. With colours ranging from standard Black to White, Blue, green, Red and Yellow you name it we can provide; it all backed up by extensive trials and tests to prove its suitability for the job in hand.








We offer a full range of consumables for our CiJ range from water based to Mek, from ethanol to UV curing/drying. To compliment our inks we provide a fully tried, tested and approved range of consumables and cleaning solutions.

For our High Resolution Pulse-jet systems (Codejet E18+ & Codejet M800) we most probably offer the most varied range of consumable options and ink types in our market sector:- From Slow drying and Fast drying inks to a range of UV Curing/Drying inks which are dry in around 1 second, giving any CiJ a good run for its money.

We have inks which can change colour under sterilisation temperatures. Inks that penetrate through moisture and etch onto Glass, Autoclave inks, Invisible UV readable inks, Food grade inks and egg coding inks; for coding and marking straight onto the shell itself.