Codejet M800 Ink Jet Coding System

The Codejet M800 Ink Jet Coding System is specifically aimed at multi line applications where up to eight printheads can be controlled from one control panel.

Each printhead has the capability of printing characters or logo’s in Multi Line/Multi Font Formats.

Character height can be from 1mm to 18mm.

A 36mm high Printhead is also available: the M800 controller is capable of running 4 x 36mm high printheads.

Range of inks available for the M800 system:-

Oil Based: ideal for porous substrates such as paper or card.

Alcohol/Ethanol Based: ideal for both porous and non porous substrates with a typical drying time of 30 seconds.

Fast drying Ethanol Based: ideal for fast moving non porous products and continuous production lines.

UV Based: This ink has a rapid drying time of around 1 second on any substrate. The ink is cured via a small UV light source.

Non contact printing capability producing clear legible codes on flat, curved, irregular, or delicate surfaces.

Codes Vertically or Horizontally onto any product.

High quality print for identifying small products. (1mm to 10mm high characters)

High quality print for identifying large products. (10mm to 36mm high characters)

Prints Precise readable characters on a wide variety of products and at varying ranges of production line speeds from 1 metre up to 40 metres per minute.

Absolute minimal maintenance: No jets to start/stop, No pumps, No valves, single filter, uncomplicated state of the art electronics and software package, very simple ink system.

Microprocessor controls provide instant information changes.

Stand alone systems are easily installed on to all existing production lines, individual product type or continuous web or profile.