Codejet E18+ Ink Jet Coder

The Codejet E18+ Ink Jet Coder is one of the most under rated Ink Jet Coders in our product range.

Originally designed for oil based inks onto porous substrates like card and paper this fantastic little coder could quite happily produce any barcode format, logo’s and variable alpha numeric text information onto any porous product. Typical text size ultimately variable from 1mm up to 18mm…all from ONE single printhead.

With its large LC Display, big Keypad; Creating messages and logo’s has never been easier. A massive choice of fonts including Arabic. 100 message memory capability. Real time counters, Date counters, Dates and Sell By Dates. Box and Pallet counters. All in a robust Stainless Steel housing,  310mm x 200mm x 100mm and weighing in at under 6 kilos.

A range of fast drying ethanol/alcohol based inks took this versatile Ink Jet Coder into the next league. Even with these fast drying alternative inks the E18 was no match for any CiJ coder when it came to non porous products like glass, metal, plastic and gloss or clay coated card.

Until recently a typical drying time for MEK solvent based CiJ Ink Jet Coders was around 1.5 to 3 seconds onto most non porous substrates. In comparison the E18+ would only return a drying time of 10 seconds to 60 seconds on similar products. A blower drier could cut this time by up to 50% but not everyone wants a blower drier on their production line.

The Codejet E18+

Some time ago a unique UV drying ink was developed; unfortunately the UV curing stations were both big and bulky, horrendously expensive, and would cost up to three times that of the Ink Jet Coder. Until most recently a tiny UV lamp curing device was developed; its physical size was not much larger than the printhead of the Ink Jet Coder, but most importantly the cost was just over 50% of the Ink Jet Coder itself.

The drying time of this ink onto any substrate is an unbelievable One second (1)

The main advantage being an unbelievable fast drying time, quicker than any CiJ but without the hassle of hazardous solvent based inks.

The UV LED curing light boxes shown below are very small in physical size and appearance, typically 180mm in length x 85mm in width x 50mm in height. These amazing ink curing stations can be linked into external trigger sources for Automatic switching On/Off only when required for product printing and curing.










When using the E18+ with a standard alcohol based ink the drying time can be accelerated via the use of a heater blower. This is a small box approx 300mm long x 100mm high x 120 wide. Containing two powerful fans and a heater element, warm air is directed directly onto the printed area to speed up ink drying times. the heater is both thermostatically controlled and fan speed controlled via two rotary switches. Power input is via a 240 volt power cable supplied.