An American owned company based in Cambridgeshire purchased their first Four coders from Willett.

In order to keep costs down to a minimum we were consulted on a number of issues; which included improving down time and lowering servicing costs.

After successfully gaining the contract we have further supplied both reconditioned Willett CiJ equipment and brand new Codejet Evolution 3 coders.

This company supply magnetic cards for both security (swipe cards/identity cards) and Banking cards such as Visa Debit cards, Credit cards, Master-cards etc. You will typically see the coding on the rear side of your bank cards. When you purchase anything over the telephone or internet, you will be asked for the last three digits.

This company has enjoyed massive growth throughout its industry sector. We at Coding and Handling feel privileged to have helped them maintain their high standards of productivity and quality, and we look forward to continuing this profitable relationship for many years to come.