Oil & Chemical Industry

This company recently had a Willett 3840 ink jet coder restored by ourselves for use in the oil and chemical industry. Printing onto mainly plastic bottles of various shapes and sizes, and steel drums containing everything from hazardous chemicals, oils for the motor industry, cleaning solutions for the motor industry and screen wash solution, to name but a few of their extensive range of products.









A recent expansion program has seen the further need for additional industrial coding and marking equipment on this site. Although they were keen to move away from reconditioned or second hand ink-jet coding equipment, a limited budget needed to be strictly adhered to. With a bit of arm twisting and serious negotiation they managed to talk us into supplying them 2 coders for a ridiculously low price. This was achieved by letting them have one of my ex demo systems at a bargain price and a brand new system with a massive discount.

Most of the products require a batch code and a date code in a twin line format, character sizes varying from 3mm to 8 mm in height. The production lines consist of single speed steel belted conveyors, running at speeds slower than 18 metres per minute. ink drying time was not an issue so the Codejet E18+ ink jet coding system was a popular choice.

The environmental conditions are very dirty with expected ambient temperature swings to be anywhere from zero and below up to 35 degrees for the two days in August called summer. The operators seemed very keen to learn and had picked up all there is to know in less than 15 minutes regarding programming and daily running and maintenance.

This was a very simple installation thanks to both the simplicity of the Codejet E18+ inkjet coder and the brilliant lads on the shop floor. The most rewarding part for me though, was the fact that everyone on the shop floor had remembered how the Codejet E18+ programmed and operated, after my earlier demonstration some 6 weeks previous.

Here are a few photographs of the installation, please accept my apologies for the poor quality I really need to throw away my Kodak Brownie and invest in a proper camera.