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We are currently maintaining a complete range of Ink Jet Coding equipment on a number of secret locations throughout the UK. Obviously this information is regarded as sensitive.

Due to the extremely volatile nature of produce of this type. The environment has to be absolutely exacting in every respect.

The specification required printed information, to be positioned along the length of the circumference of an aluminium canister; which has been powder coated. The canister (CS Grenade) was approximately 65mm in diameter x 120mm in length.

Unfortunately no motorised product handling system could be used, the slightest hint of a spark having catastrophic effect.

The entire printing system is IP65 rated to avoid any risk of a spark possibility. Due to the sensitive nature of this installation a CiJ printer could not be used, as these types use an electro-static field to deflect printed droplets from the printhead. The voltage between deflector plates can reach in excess of 8000 volts.

In order to meet the exacting criteria we adapted a E18+ with remote controller and ink-system. This was mated up to a bespoke X-Y table mechanism. The operator will place the canister onto the special jig and then move the X-Y table from left to right across the Printing head. The product is printed and is removed by another operator for the next stage of assembly. The original operator will then position the tray to its starting position and the whole process begins once more.

The system is fitted with a shaft-encoder, this enables perfect print replication on every product irrespective of the speed at which the cannister is presented to the printing head.