Measuring Equipment

A customer based in the Peak District initially made contact with Coding and Handling in order to reduce down time and running costs relating to a previously purchased Willett 400 series Ink Jet Coder.

Involved in the manufacture of Water / Gas / Electricity commodity meters for both industrial and private sectors this specialist manufacturer required Six Ink Jet Coding systems for Ink Jet Coding a 128 barcode onto their comprehensive range of metering equipment.

We designed and built six bespoke X-Y tables; onto which the adhesive overlay is placed. The X-Y table is then moved from left to right and the barcode is printed with a series of unique information, for each individual meter.

The speed of the X-Y table travel is governed by human hand and can be ultimately variable. to ensure this does not have a detrimental effect on the print quality, a special purpose proximity sensor and shaft-encoder have been fitted.