When it comes to coding and marking within the food industry, the requirements are of a very exacting nature. Health and Safety is just the tip of the iceberg. We have found our engineering skills pushed to the boundaries; from irregular shaped, small to large produce. Environmental conditions from freezing to unbearably hot. Our range of coders apply traceability codes, Barcodes, lot numbers, counters, timers etc onto a complete range of food packaging.

We have a range of food grade inks for coding and marking directly onto the food substrate, we have a range of inks which change colour or appearance under critical specified sterilization temperatures,  UV readable invisible inks, fast drying inks, moisture penetrating inks, glass etching inks to name but a few; all aimed at the food manufacturer or packer.

To enhance our coding and marking equipment, we offer an extensive range of product handling equipment; from simple conveyor systems,  check-weighers, metal detectors, shrink wrappers right through to the end of the process with a rotary table or lazy Susan. We supply traversing print stations for multi line, multi stage process like yogurt pot filling, We print onto stationary or continuous film produce both in web form and singular product format. Whatever your coding and handling requirements may be, we promise to do our very best to get you coding your products within your budget allocation.


Case Study 1

A Nottingham based customer had a requirement for an Ink Jet Coding system with a conveyor, metal detector, check weigher and a rotary table (Lazy Susan) for coding their range of indian curry based microwave meals.

The products once removed from the oven, are manually placed onto the conveyor through the metal detector, onto the check weigher and then presented to the Ink Jet Coder for a three line code to be printed onto the clear film lid. Finally they are moved onto the rotary table for placement of the outer sleeve and finally into the outer case packaging box.