Beverage and Bottling

When it comes to the beverage and bottling industry. We have a complete range of ink jet coding and laser coding systems to suit any application whatever your budget.

Every manufacturer appears to have a different set of requirements. Clear glass or plastic, coloured glass or plastic. Some wishing to code directly onto the product substrate, some onto a label pre-applied to the product. We have been asked to code onto lids and tops, onto the outer circumference, flat sides, convex and concave surfaces. We can even code onto the bottom or underside; providing special handling systems to facilitate this requirement for perfect presentation of your product to the printhead.

For our ink jet coders we have an extensive range of inks to suit many applications. From glass etching inks to moisture penetrating inks. We have a range of thermo-chromic and thermo-tropic inks which change colour or appearance under certain conditions, invisible UV readable inks and a range of coloured inks to contrast most background types.

Your product may require an ink which stays put under the harshest conditions; but is washed away under sterilisation and special cleansing processes. We also offer a complete range of laser coders designed specifically for the Beverage and Bottling industry. Whatever you requirements or budget we will ensure that you will get the system you want within your budget requirements.

Case Study 1

A Specialist Brewery in the North of England had two production lines requiring a two line product code onto Glass Bottles.

One production Line was Beer and Lager products, the other still and carbonated water.

We needed to overcome three main problems; the first was that some of the bottles were carrying a high level of condensation on their outer circumference; just where we needed to place our printed information.

To overcome this problem we installed an air knife which blasted away the moisture and presented us with a relatively dry substrate for printing purposes.

The next problem was that the printed information was wandering slightly off centre from bottle to bottle. This was due to the photocell (Product Detector) getting mixed and fragmented signals due to flourecent lighting overhead and a reflective glass substrate. To cure this problem we fitted a Red Dot Laser photo-cell and exact coding placement was achieved onto every bottle.

Our final problem was that coding was to take place immediately prior to a hot washing process of every bottle; standard inks (even fast drying MEK inks) just would not stay on the product.

A special Glass Etching ink was used which overcame this problem and finally gave us another problem free installation.

Total Cost for this installtion was less than £4,500 and we even split payments into three parts to ensure that we got these very friendly people up and coding.