Coding and Marking Specialists

Coding and Handling are UK based Coding and Marking specialists. Our range of Ink Jet Coders and Laser Coders are used on production lines across a complete range of industry sectors; these include Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Automotive, Electronic, Plastics, Military Pyrotechnics, Wood, Paper and Steel; where product identification codes, batch numbers, use by dates, sell by dates and 2D and 3D Quick Response (QR) Barcodes are a requirement and therefore coding and marking machines are essential to productivity.

A Fantastic Reputation

When it comes to Coding and Marking, specifically the industrial Ink Jet Coder marketplace, the reputation we have built over the past 25 years is second to none. Coding and Handling is a company run by a team of specialist engineers; We believe in the ability and reliability of our products far beyond the requirement of a sales structure within our company. When you contact any member of our team with a request for information for your individual requirements one of our specialist engineers will take full charge of the project right through to the installation, and service and consumables support thereafter.

A Complete Range of Ink Jet Coder Solutions

Coding and Handling offer a complete range of Coding and Marking solutions for every industry sector. Our aim is to get you up and coding whatever your budget. We offer a full range of reconditioned systems for those on a limited budget. Brand new Ink Jet Coders through to our top of the range Laser Coders. A dedicated Hire division for those that only require the use of coding and marking facilities for short production runs, particularly useful for Contract Packers.

Flexible Payment Options

Coding and Handling offer a variety of purchase options, from straight forward payments to split payments over an agreed term to suit individual requirements, Hire to Buy options on a sliding scale. We are always prepared to listen to any other options or ideas that you may have; our main aim is to get you up and coding but, just as importantly- keeping you running with our extensive range of after purchase services and consumables.